ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Architectural Services

    December 19th 2005 in Singapore the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on Engineering Services was signed by all Ministries of Trade from all ASEAN members. December 15th 2006, the Indonesian Government/the Ministry of Public Works established the Indonesia Monitoring Committee on Engineering Services that was assigned to develop, process, and manage the ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer Registration (ACPER).

    January 26th 2007, Ministry of Public Works assigned the personnel of the Monitoring Committee for the first time. Followed on February 29th 2008, Indonesian Government submitted the letter of notification to officially participate in the Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Engineering Services.

    Indonesia registered their first batch of ACPEs (11 engineers) at the 4th ACPECC Meeting held on 9-10 February 2009 in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia.

CPC-8671 Architectural Services

86711:Advisory and pre-design architectural services
86712:Architectural design services
86713:Contract administration services
86714:Combined architectural design and contract administration services
86719:Other architectural services